Our Logo

Our Logo

Right from the Start’s logo of a boy and a dolphin playing together comes from the 18 ft bronze sculpture by David Wynne, which stands on the Chelsea Embankment beside the River Thames in London.

It was chosen because dolphins have great intelligence and show a close affinity with people – especially with children.

Dolphins never stop playing and communicating. They have a boundless sense of fun and joy which is infectious. They also have a powerful instinct to protect. By the time a dolphin is two years old it has developed its own ‘signature tune’ of calls which keep it closely connected to its family and the group of dolphins fishing and playing together – called a ‘pod’. In this way each dolphin ‘names’ itself. This allows every dolphin to recognise and ‘talk’ to each other.

Being with a dolphin – even listening to a recording of dolphin sounds – can help to steady and heal a child who is upset, grieving or handicapped in some way.

Our leaping dolphin and flying child logo remind us how, with the right start – a secure and happy childhood – every child is able to develop their fullest potential.

It also demonstrates the trust, affection, understanding and delight which each of us should be able to enjoy with each other and the natural world from earliest childhood to the end of our lives.

The charity would like to express warm gratitude to David Wynne for his permission to use his beautiful sculpture as a basis for our logo.

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