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  1. The Right from the Start handbook for teachers: Promoting Children’s Well-being in the Primary Years.
    Edited by Dr Andrew Burrell, Dr Jeni Riley and Sarah Woodhouse.
    Introduces the whole project and presents a wide range of successful approaches and inspirational initiatives in the support of children’s spiritual, emotional and mental well-being. It promotes ideas and strategies for a closer partnership between teachers and parents in response to growing stresses in young children.
    Published 2005. Currently out of print but available through Amazon.
  2. Best Beginnings for Your Baby and You. Conception, Pregnancy, Birth and Looking Ahead by Sarah Woodhouse (for expectant and new parents, grandparents, family members and friendly neighbours. Also for all peri-natal professionals)
    Understanding, how a baby’s brain grows and develops from conception and throughout early childhood. The sensitivity, intelligence and memory in unborn and newborn babies. The link between brain and heart. How we can respond to this new understanding in the ways in which we welcome, calm and care for all babies in the first weeks and months to create loving and lasting relationships.
    The huge importance of quality care and support for pregnant and nursing mothers. Updated, enriched and republished in paperback and eBook by Matador Serious Self-Publishing by January 2020.
    ‘Look Inside’ on Amazon.

  3. Sound Sleep. Calming and helping your baby or child to sleep by Sarah Woodhouse (for parents, grandparents and childcare professionals)
    Offers a wealth of helpful advice and information on how to overcome the problems of babies’ and children’s sleeplessness and the crying and screaming that can create such anxiety and exhaustion for parents that it can easily lead to child abuse.

    Originally published 2003. Updated, enriched and republished in paperback and eBook by Matador Serious Self-Publishing by January 2020.
    ‘Look Inside’ on Amazon.

  4. Helping Children with Yoga. A guide for parents and teachers by Michelle Cheesbrough and Sarah Woodhouse
    Introducing yoga for children. Energy for life, through inner calm, self-confidence and self-control. Suppleness, balance and self-respect.
    Published 2006. Currently out of print.
  5. Planning and Drafting underway towards further, interlinking Right from the Start books

  6. Best Beginnings. The amazing development of your Baby in the first nine months.

    Recovery from the birth. Your baby’s incredible brain and rapid growth. Watching and responding. The value of an attached bedside crib and keeping‘in arms’ touch with slings and carriers to build a close, loving and lasting bond. A much shorter, follow-on book to Best Beginnings for Your Baby and You.

  7. Best Beginnings. The first three years. A very special time.

    Emotional, psychological and spiritual needs of mums, dads and their babies during this precious time. Recognising differences in temperament and responding to discoveries, challenges and new knowledge about the growth of the heart-brain connection through touch, talk, play, dancing and singing. Avoiding ‘separation stress’. A much shorter book. The third of the Best Beginnings trilogy.

  8. Playing for Life. Protecting children from hurtful influences and violence (for parents, grandparents, child carers and nursery and Primary teachers)
    A child’s instinct and need to play, in different ways, from birth onwards, especially outside. The encouragement that parents can give to help a child learn to concentrate, cope well with difficulties and grow up rich in imagination, optimism and understanding. How to protect children’s still-growing brains – and personalities – from the harmful effects of some aspects of media ‘entertainment’ and commercial pressures.
  9. Stillness, Imagination and Meditation for Children. Inner peace and confidence (for parents, grandparents , Nursery and Primary teachers)
    Helping children to develop their inner life and to realise their power to love, to give comfort and to create beauty. Healing and inner peace through meditation and art. Valuable content collected.
  10. Touch, Massage and Movement: Deepening the connection with children
    (for parents, grandparents, Nursery and Primary teachers) Answering the universal hunger for touch, from baby massage and baby yoga to the benefits of peer massage in primary school. Understanding how movement, rhythm and music contribute to healthy and balanced brain development and therefore a child’s capacity to build warm and lasting relationships, to learn and to be uniquely creative.
  11. Inside Out. A book about disablement for all children, their parents and their teachers
    Understanding disablement in all its varieties and developing strategies to encourage sharing and support from family, neighbours, professionals and within the community and the classroom. Helping children over the fear-and-uncertainty barrier. Encouraging inventiveness and adventure. Disabled children from Uganda and Chailey Heritage in the U.K. tell their own stories. Parents tell their own stories. First draft completed.
  12. Children and the Natural World. The enchantment that feeds the human spirit
    (for parents, grandparents, children and teachers)
    Ways to encourage children’s understanding, enjoyment and care of animals, plants, trees, birds and insects, especially city children. Increasing their sense of trust, involvement and responsibility for the natural environment.
  13. Rainbow Colours. A source of children’s energy and contentment
    (for parents, grandparents and teachers)
    Sharing worldwide research findings and understandings about daylight and darkness and the physical and psychological energy and effect of different colours. Using this knowledge to help children’s concentration, composure and happiness and to reduce their feelings of threat and helplessness. First draft completed.
  14. Sounds and Song
    (for everyone)
    Rhythms and sounds heard in the womb. The memory of and the calming effect, of womb sounds and parents’ voices after birth. The different vibrations of singing and talking.
    Playing with music and movement and the bonding and ‘belonging’ effect of making music and singing together.
  15. Your Life. My Life. An Introduction to Human Rights and Responsibilities
    (For 8-10 year olds).
    An introduction to human needs and rights and human hurts and wrongs. Children’s ideas. ‘Inner freedom’ and ‘outer freedom’. Stories told, in their own words, by a street child in Calcutta, a Tibetan child escaping to Northern India and an El Salvadorian child living as a refugee in Guatemala.
    This book sold over 6,000 copies. Currently out of print. Updated version will be needed.
  16. Alongside all of these books in paperback and as e-Books, Right from the Start hopes to raise the funds to:

    • Develop supporting DVDs
    • Music and sounds from nature including the calls of whales and dolphins, wind-blown trees, breaking waves and bird song from around the world.
    • Create audio books, initially for Best Beginnings and Sound Sleep.
    • Translate the books into other languages.
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