What other people have said about Helping Children with Yoga

What some other people have said

“This is a wonderful, practical book … simply explained and beautifully illustrated … a wealth of ideas designed to focus the child positively in to a spiritual frame of mind … and a treasure chest of resources including Mandalas and Celtic patterns to be drawn and coloured … as well as recommended books, sites and training opportunities to explore more deeply.”
Penny Moon, founder of ‘A Quiet Place’ in Liverpool primary schools

This is a fantastic book. Children are natural yogis and with the guidance given in this book, they will quickly rediscover what they already know. In my own experience of practicing yoga with children I have often asked the question ‘who is teaching who here?’ The title of the book, Helping Children with Yoga, shows humility and heart on the part of the authors. Using their experience of working with children they gently guide the parent, carer, teacher through a wide range of yoga practices, clearly and simply explained, presented easily to children.
The book includes an introduction of yoga, some safety guidelines, and a balanced selection of asana, pranayama relaxation and meditation hinged on the framework of yoga philosophy. There are lots of creative ideas, some inspiring quotes from teachers and children. The photos and drawings are beautiful and there is a useful glossary and valuable resources section at the end.
Sw. Vedantananda Saraswati

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