What other people have said about Sound Sleep

What some other people have said

I found Sound Sleep sensitive, caring, well-written and researched, immensely reassuring and I loved the illustrations – they spoke volumes.
Rita Marchant
Founder of the Coram Family Centre

It so full of love and kindness and the very elusive common sense.
Diana, a grandmother

Whether you have a baby who cries more than you can bear, or an endlessly waking-and-wailing child in the night, get this book! It’s fantastic. It paints so many useful pictures and tells stories you’ll never forget. It gave me hope and got me smiling again.
Single mother with a two-year-old

I found such a sense of peace and tenderness in this book – it makes me feel completely balanced and able.
Emma, a new mother

Reading the wonderful warm tone in which Sound Sleep is written with it’s non-prescriptive attitude, the variety of different approaches that are considered……….and the way it is written make this book exceptional. The author allies herself with the suffering parent.
Hetty Einzig
Former Research and Development Director of the Parenting Education and Support Forum

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