Right from the Start’s plans for the future

Right from the Start’s plans for the future

We’re still in the embryonic stages of completing the rest of our series for parents, and all those professionals working with young families to:

  • help strengthen natural parenting instincts
  • distil invaluable scientific research about children’s brain and personality development from conception – making it easy to understand, remember and feel inspired by this new knowledge
  • reconnect with some of the lost wisdom that used to be passed from one generation to the next.

We are therefore searching for inspired and empathetic writers with rich experience relevant to the books in the series that are still in the pipeline.

We are also dedicated to finding the financial support towards completing and publishing the rest of series as soon as possible.

In the present political climate and the problems facing small charities, Right from the Start is hoping to find and merge with a larger International Charity or Non-profit Making Organisation working with parents, children, childcare professionals and teachers.

Could you help us make any of this happen?

Please contact us by e-mail or Twitter @RightFTS

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